Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love 'em websites

Date: June-July 2002


Title: Modern Bride

That’s in reference to my first wedding magazine. 

I didn’t grow up dreaming and building images in my head of my would-be perfect wedding.  But I did grow up loving clothes, pretty flowers, and appreciating fabulous room arrangements.  Since a wedding has all that (and more), as I grew older, I couldn’t help but be in love with everything and anything wedding-y.


It’s borderline addiction that needs to have a fix. 


To this, I have the following sites to thank for satisfying my craving every time:

Martha Stewart Wedding

     The mother of all wedding information resource for me.  Seriously.  If you want pretty, functional, and cheap DIY.. Martha is the (wo)man. 


Image taken from Martha Stewart Wedding


The Knot

     Before my love affair with Martha, The Knot was my go-to for any bridal craving I have.  May it be gowns.. decors.. or even wedding rules.  Heck, I even signed up just so I could have access to info only registered users are allowed to view.  Of course, the wedding dates and details I supplied were.. far off assumptions I had to make. haha


Image taken from Style Me Pretty


Style Me Pretty

     This is THE wedding blog for me.  Need suppliers in your area?  Check.  Searching for inspiration boards?  Check.  Detailed real life weddings? All here (and more!).  And don’t even get me started on the site layout.  Style Me Pretty surely lives up to its name.


Wedding Bee

     Imagine Style Me Pretty except the blog posts are done by several different people.. throughout the day.  That’s as much as 25 updates in one day.  I love this site mostly for the funny and cute and occasional inspiring stories other brides/wives posts.  It still is useful for wedding-related information.  I just prefer to get mine from my other fave sites since Wedding Bee can be a little bit buzzzzzzzy for me.


Rose and Ruby

     When my wedding day comes (note to self: have to get engaged first.. *wink*), I’d make Ruby and Rose my inspiration for entourage dresses.  I just love how a lot of the clothes sold here are wedding-able and beyond.  I also like that their collections are always cohesive.  This is important because I have this plan of not making my girls wear the same style of dress and possibly not the same color (different hue maybe).


Vera Wang

     She is couture wedding attire.  She’s proven from one collection to the next why she’s on top of the wedding gown food chain.  She has also branched out on other areas like paper products.  Couture wedding stationery, anyone?  I say, why not!?

Image taken from Vera Wang



     I have loved Marchesa way before they officially launched their bridal collection.  A lot of their gowns, red carpet or not, is worthy for a bridal march.


Monique Lhuillier

     I was first introduced to her work when she made Lea Salonga’s (awesome Broadway star) wedding gown.  Since then, she has managed to do her big, fluffy skirt plus ribbon combo in different equally beautiful designs.


Image taken from Monique Lhuillier


Michael George

Image taken from Michael George Custom Flowers


     If there’s a stylist to the stars (Rachel Zoe), this guy is the florist to the stars.  I will never be able to afford him.  Perhaps, in my wildest dreams.  But even that is still debatable.  But as I have said earlier, I love me some fabulous room arrangements.  The same applies to event styling.  And Michael George?  Genius.  I also like that in his website, it’s written that they work with all budget.



     Because it reminds me of Ebay only with far more gorgeous items.


Weddings At Work

     Local e-group where brides usually share first-hand experience/information on Philippine-based suppliers.  Very, very informative.  Very, very helpful.


     Image taken from Weddings At Work


Themes and Motifs

     Keeps me notified on the two biggest bridal fairs in the Philippines.


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