Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding motif: Mint for each other

My 8-10 hours job (depending on work demand) keeps me busy from Monday to Friday.  And since I’m really a nocturnal person, I tend to sleep late even after getting home late.  On those hours, I am kept busy by only two things: wedding stuffs and/or Facebook games. =P

And of the zillions of FB games out there, I am most addicted with Restaurant City.  I will not bother to explain what this game is all about because if you don’t know yet, count yourself lucky as this game can be very addictive. *grin*  Now, you’re probably thinking what the heck does a Facebook game have anything to do with weddings, right?  Currently, there’s this ingredient that I badly need so that I can upgrade a Kiwi drink to level 10.  If you guessed Mint, then you’re right.

Since mint has been on my mind lately, I figured I’d make a mood board of some sort with the green color in mind.


Green and gold works well together.  I added the red cake to give this motif a bit of a bolder tone since this color combination would work well if you keep both green and gold on the lighter/paler shade.  Too dark of a green will give it a woodsy feel to it and that’s not what I envisioned here.  The gold is meant to be an accent so it needs to be on a lighter shade like champagne.  This could be a nice, festive but not that loud motif.  I would suggest that you use red only on one statement piece like your wedding cake.

Sources (clockwise starting from leftmost image):

  • Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid dress style no. 0904
  • Martha Stewart Wedding Ikat and French Silk Ribbon Wedding Cake
  • Monique Lhuillier Style BL0901 from her more affordable wedding gown collection, Bliss
  • The Knot Champagne mojito
  • Tamar (Etsy seller) Two 22K Gold Plated Headbands

PS.  You can find the mojito recipe here.


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