Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding motif: Tiffany blue

I was once that girl who dreamed of an engagement ring that comes in a box that is a shade of light aqua blue and wrapped in a white shiny ribbon. Truth be told, I am not sure which I like more back then: a Tiffany & Co. ring or the box that came with it. I was so charmed with the color of the box (may be used as a fabulous wedding favor box) that I have decided to make a wedding inspiration board with this color in mind.

Gone are those days when I pine for weddin
g rings that come in a Tiffany box. However, my love of all things pretty is still there and so has my liking for the Tiffany blue shade. There is just certain chicness to it. May it be a cosmopolitan wedding (think New York penthouse, cocktail dresses, and blue martini) or a beach-themed wedding; I can really imagine using this for a wedding motif. For this post, I've decided for a beach-chic look.

Sources (clockwise from top-left):

pompandplumage (Etsy seller)
Garter with Tiffany blue cameo set
Amy Kuschel Wedding gown
Millie Holloman Photography French macaroons
Style Me Pretty Groom's suit
buttongrass (Etsy seller) Pillow
J. Cogliandro Photography Couple on the beach
Jennifer Cress Photography Reception decor
GallaJewelry (Etsy seller) Pearl bracelet


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