Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding motif: Evolution of Vintage Whimsy (Part 1)

As of now, the toughest and (only) stressful part of preparing a wedding that I'm encountering is deciding on the theme.  Actually, I prefer not to call it a 'theme' since we don't want people to think that just because I'm describing our wedding as 'vintage whimsy' doesn't mean that they should expect a costumed affair.  Nope.  We are not having one of those.

I'd rather refer to 'vintage whimsy' as more of a mood.  Like how we'd want the overall wedding day to be.  There would be elements of the old world (hello, rustic candelabras) while at the same time exuding a certain dreamy, almost ethereal feel (no butterflies, please!  but hello, whimsical, cursive fonts on pretty invites).

While we haven't finalized the inspiration board yet, I present to you the very 1st draft that I made for our 'vintage whimsy wedding'.  (I say 'we' because every wedding mood board I make still needs to get Mr. J's approval)


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