Friday, February 4, 2011

Food tasting with K. by Cunanan

Mr. J and I (along with a friend) went to a food tasting last Tuesday.  It was my first and probably last food tasting I'll ever attend.  No, it's not because I did not enjoy the experience;  on the contrary, the food and attention the AE (Kar Reyes) gave us was so superb that we are only waiting for an upcoming bridal fair so that we can pay the reservation fee and officially check the caterer off our wedding checklist.

The caterer we inquired (and had food tasting) with is K. by Cunanan.  Their rates aren't cheap but still very reasonable.  Besides, they're still not as expensive as the original caterer I had in mind (Bizu).  Most importantly, the food was just beyond yummy.  And I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating but trust me, I'm not.  See, I'm no fish eater and yet they managed to get me to eat a fish dish (one that we'll be serving as part of our reception menu as well).  Mr. J is no veggie eater and yet, surprisingly, he finished the squash soup that was served (as in, all of it).  Now, that's such a statement of how the great the soup must've been.  After all, he has very little want to eat vegetables (in solid or liquid form) that if we were to order spring rolls, he'd diligently slice it open and take out the vegetables that he doesn't eat.

Weee!  I'm so happy that little by little, we're managing to book the suppliers that we want.  Next stop: Videographer... or florist.  I haven't decided on this yet.

PS.  Here's the list of dishes that was served to us (I, unfortunately, was too lazy and hungry to take pictures):

1) Spinach and feta fried ravioli with marinara sauce - Love, love, love it!  As early as now, Mr. J is already telling me to make sure that come our wedding day, we'd have this for take-out.
2) Hoisin chicken wraps - Love it!
3) BBQ chicken salad - Love it!
4) Squash soup - A dish that I had qualms about but turned out to be something I'd enjoy too.
5) Honey nut prawns - In the words of Rachel Ray "Yum-o!"  I swear, I was tempted to ask if we could have the remaining two shrimps for take-out. =P
6) Grilled snapper with mango salsa and coconut cream - It's fish and I enjoyed it.  'Nuff said.
7) Pepper-seared steak with mashed potatoes - Yummy!  Will definitely make it part of our wedding menu.
8) Carrot rice - Good but not as mind-blowing good as I thought it would be considering the raves I've read.
9) Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream -Enjoyed it but I think I'd like to try some of the other desserts just to check if there's something better.
10) Mango panna cotta - Enjoyed it but not as much that I'd want it served in our wedding.
11) Raspberry iced tea - Not too sweet and very refreshing.


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