Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter (premiere)-inspired wedding gown

Watching Harry Potter movies (I'm a fan of the book) has been our thing ever since.  This is an almost sacred, cannot be broken routine for us that even if I would take my nieces and nephew to watch in the cinema, this task would have taken second priority.  Meaning, I would be watching the movie with them for the second time because the first time would definitely be with Mr. J only.  We're a little protective with stuffs that we do together. =P

Anyway, I figure I'd post this little number that the beloved Hermione Granger, err... Emma Watson wore to the London premiere of the final installment of the last Harry Potter movie.

Source: OMG

Just change the color of this Oscar de la Renta gown and you've got a wedding-y and very whimsical wedding gown.


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