Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What to wear: Wedding

I'm attending two wedding in the following months.  Actually, I'm sure of the one in August, just not sure if I feel like going for the other wedding (I probably will out of support to Mr. J).

Anyway, lately, I've been busy with figuring out what to wear as a guest at a wedding.  It's not an easy task to dress and balance looking fab but not too fab that you'd outshine the real stars of the wedding (bride and groom).  Anthropologie has come up with 4 different looks for 4 different wedding styles.

*All images are from Anthropologie.

The last one (cocktail) is my favorite.  If you want to shop these items, head on over to Anthropologie's online store to find these and more fashionable goodies for sale.  Honestly, if the shipment cost (not to mention, shipping to the Philippines can sometimes be a bit confusing with the package eventually getting lost) wouldn't kill me, I probably would have shopped here as often as possible.


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