Friday, July 16, 2010

Get inspired

There's something about weddings that have always managed to make me smile (on some rare occasion, cringe, but that's for another blog entry).  It may be the gown (oh those ruffles!), the jewelry (unlimited sparkle.. no one can possibly resist this), the event styling (from a simple English garden to an extravagant 'Alice in Wonderland'-inspired theme), the flowers (a rose is never just a rose), and everything else in between.  I suppose it's a grown-up version of playing dress up and throwing a party.  You get all of it in one big event.. and it's for you and your partner!

And because I have been surfing the 'Net for years and years now just ogling at all things wedding-y, I might as well share my finds with everyone else.

Here are several inspiration boards that I've adored over the years:

board 1    board 3

board 7  board 2

board 6  board 4 

If you feel like creating your own board, Dessy makes that task easy.  The site also has a lot on its gallery of finished boards depending on the color motif.


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