Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some things change.. some don't.

I emailed a friend of mine (who’s currently working in Singapore) recently.  I was asking her on specific dates she’d be available for a quick dinner since I would be in town for one weekend.  I also asked for updates of her wedding preparations especially since she’s what we consider an overseas bride (she’ll be getting married in May 2011 here in the Philippines – her home country).

I found her reply quite insightful on two things; first, decades ago, grooms were…well, just grooms.  They usually are not very active in wedding preparations and are stereotypically portrayed as the ATM machine of the couple.  With my friend (and am sure thousands of brides out there too), she was telling me how proud she was of her fiancé because of how hands-on he is with the preparations.  Secondly, in matters of actual wedding details, it seems that times may have change and motifs…well, they may also change as fast as a New York minute.  She told me that they’ve managed to reserve the church, venue and caterer already but was stuck with motifs.

When it's my time to do the wedding preps, my own dead-end would be flowers and the overall event look.  I blame Snippet & Ink ( and Style Me Pretty for this. 

How about you?  What’s your own wedding got-stuck-can’t-make-decision moment?


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