Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding motif: Lemon and Lime

Color me yellow. Somehow my brain screams this line in my head whenever I'm extra happy (translation: when I'm extra chirpy than usual). It reminds me of the warmth of the sun in the morning, refreshing lemonade on an extra hot day, and limes. The last bit is due to limes being the one grown locally. Whenever I think lemon my thoughts tend to drift to limes eventually (same citrus family, I suppose). For this board, I am using the colors of the two fruits as wedding motif.

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Sources (from left):

1st row
Whitebox Weddings Kate Spade shoes on clothes line
Little Things Favors Honey-scented beeswax candle
Jill Thomas Photography Groom holding lemon

2nd row
Blog: Nicolehill Yellow dessert table
Finishing Touch Event Design Escort cards on wheat grass

3rd row
Kelly Oshiro Events Private Montecito estate
Martha Stewart Weddings Wedding cake by Gail Watson

4th row
Andre Niesing Photography Bride wearing strapless wedding gown
Beth Helmstetter Events Wedding reception table decor
Charms of Light Yellow opal earrings

I imagine lush greenery for reception venue (or even for the ceremony). You can then decorate tables with chic yellow goodness. Yellow and green does not need to be found in literary one item only for this wedding color combo to work (e.g. green flower gi
rl dress with yellow sash). I don't really recommend that. Instead, let them complement each other (e.g. yellow table decor and escort card using green font placed on top of wheat). For bridesmaids' gift, those yellow opal earrings aren't just pretty jewelry. They also (supposedly) have spiritual and healing properties.

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I can't remember my source for this. If anyone knows, do contact me. =)

Interesting tip: If you want to add color (apart from the obvious whites), you may want to don a red bridal shoes instead of the usual neutral color. Kinda like the one shown in the photo above.


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  2. Wow!! This lemon and lime themed wedding looks really awesome. Planning to go with this theme for my wedding at one of elegant New York wedding venues. This theme will really look lovely and unique there.