Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding motif: Peacock is the new black

In a few minutes, I'll be out on a date with Mr. J. He's taking me to this new restaurant near his office that sells roti prata because he knows how much I've been craving for one since our last Singapore visit almost 2 months ago. (Forgive the post as this is in a rush)

I've collected a few inspirations that may help in making a peacock wedding theme work.

Reception table: I like the forest-woodsy vibe I'm getting with this table. Reminds me of a peacock's natural habitat: nature.

Source: unknown seller (Etsy)
Bride's hair accessory: I prefer this as a bride's accessory seeing that the colorful peacock feather would certainly stand-out against the white/cream/champagne (or any other usual light-color wedding gown). Besides, who better to carry the theme if not the bride, right?

Bridesmaid jewelry: I just love the color in this necklace. Perfect for your bridesmaids' to wear; just a simple accessory that represents the wedding theme and happens to be fab, too.

Bride's bouquet: Too pretty not to post and if you are already wearing a hair clip made of peacock feather, the green and purple combination in the bouquet would be just right.

Wedding guest: If you want a statement accessory and the wedding you'll be attending has a (you guessed it) peacock as wedding motif, you'd fit right in with this necklace.


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