Monday, September 13, 2010

Victoria Beckham wearing Etsy

Ok.  So she's not directly wearing an Etsy-bought item.  Instead, I found Etsy accessories to go with her impeccably polished Spring/Summer 2011 clothing line collection.  With the designs that I saw, I thought that if I had a wedding that has a cocktail dress attire for the ladies and want a polished look, I'll definitely be checking her out (for inspiration only though.. I can't afford that price tag for a dress!).  I'm sharing 3 that I like and the jewelry I'd want to wear with it.

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I always have this dilemma with V-necklines and necklaces.  You see, I'm the type who stares at anything gorgeous I spot (e.g. bag, jewelry, even food!).  So when I spot a great looking necklace on another woman (wearing a low cut neckline or halter top), it's a debate (too stare or not too stare) since I worry that the person might mistook me for peeking at her chest area instead.  So for this dress, I opted with a stunning oriental design earring that would keep the attention strictly on your upper body.  This way, you get a statement piece that people will be able to ogle at and still be wearing something sexy. *I think I might even use this as inspiration for my bridesmaid gown*

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When I saw this dress, the immediate image in my head is a long necklace with wood detail.  I think it's the brown that made me think that.  After all, pink and brown has been proven to go together well when pieces complement each other.  Personally, I would wear two pieces of this necklace to wear just to make it the just right amount of chunky.

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I have this rule: If a neckline is too close to the neck, I won't bother with a necklace anymore.  And so, to complete the look above, I specifically set out to find a gold bangle.  Thank God for Etsy.  I found one with an etched design that makes the bangle go from plain to fab.  To glamorize it further, why not wear one on each wrist?  Think Wonder Woman.. except without the lasso and swimsuit costume.  Then replace it with a zipped front bell dress instead.

Victoria Beckham All featured dresses are from SS 2011 dress collection
Etsy: ilexiadesigns Coin pearl and gold earrings
Etsy: earlybirdcreations Gold plated necklace with timber and pearl design
Etsy: bitapourtavoosi Etched gold bangle


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