Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, Preston Bailey...

My number priority for our wedding is event styling, food, and gown.  Yes, all three are priority and all three are number 1 on my list.  I already have an idea who I want to cater to our wedding.  Likewise, I've already set up an appointment on a bridal gown designer whose works I have long been a fan of.  It's the florist/event styling part that I'm quite.. not there yet.  There's one that gives me that feeling of almost being sure.. at least in table arrangements.  I just have not seen a non-table decor that she's made that really caught my attention and those are equally important to me as well.

Oh, Preston Bailey.  Why did you have to be US-based and oh-so-expensive.  Actually, you're beyond expensive.  But then again, your work does speak for itself. =)

PS.  I like this color palette picker tool he's introduced.  I'm super digging the recommended palette I got.  There's a picture of an actual event as well to better visualize the suggested decor.


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