Monday, October 25, 2010

For sale... wedding gown?

Last Saturday, Mr. J and I had the "official" wedding budget talk.  I say 'official' because truth be told, prior to that night's dinner at Yoshinoya, we never really talked about the budget.  The only conversation we've had about the topic is when he would tell me to make a list of how much money is to be allocated on this and that wedding supplier then just give him the total amount.  I do not recommend such practice.  

My wedding lesson learned #1 is that you and your fiance should sit down and really, really talk about the wedding budget.  It would prevent (and possibly resolve) any ugly money matters that may arise eventually.

Source: PreOwnedWeddingDresses (Vera Wang's Dierdre gown)

The budget we had set aside for the gown was huge.  I have this dream wedding gown designer and she charges a lot but I like all of her works (even the designs that aren't really my favorite).  You can see that they are of superb quality.  Besides, I have yet to read of an unsatisfied bride; plus, the design I want, if not done correctly, have a tendency to appear tacky.  I'm already resolved to going to this designer, but when I found out about pre-owned wedding dresses, it got me thinking.  Will I be willing to wear a used wedding gown if it means wearing an original Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier?  Better yet, will Mr. J be willing to sell my wedding gown after our wedding?  I think I am.


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