Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding color palette: What's in store for 2011?

If there's anything that hasn't changed since Day 1 with regards our wedding is this:  I am more than 100% sure that I want to get married to Mr. J!  All the other wedding details have constantly been changing.  (Before) We didn't want to have a prenup shoot, (now) I've been thinking of ideas for it (which reminds me, I'd have to do a supplier spotlight soon on our wedding photographer).  (Before) I didn't want to splurge on a lot of wedding items such as the gown, (now) I seem to keep on finding new pegs to show to my designer that would ultimately mean an increase in the production cost of my wedding gown (scary!).  And for the last few weeks, I have been going back and forth with the wedding color palette I want.

Before, it used to be just neutrals; now, I've started adding sapphire blue to the mix (no, not the periwinkle-hue that most people tend to associate with sapphire --- we're thinking more of a dark vibrant hue).  I realize that I may not be the only one experiencing this kind of situation so I'd like to share Michelle Mospens' (of My Personal Artist) take on 2011 wedding color trendsThere's a lot more color combination out there, but I found Michelle's to be interesting. 


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