Thursday, March 24, 2011

Supplier spotlight: J Lucas Reyes

I have favorite photographers abroad, but up until I found JLR, I had none locally.  I realized this last December when I deposited the booking fee required to secure our date with J Lucas Reyes.

You see, before I saw his works (thru the ever reliable Weddings at Work e-group), I wasn't sold on who we would get as our wedding photographer.  I had choices and there was one that Mr. J liked but I could sense that it was more of a "yeah, kinda like him but could be better" attitude towards the choice I presented.  Actually, I also had this attitude towards the original choice we had.  The shots were nice and all but they didn't make my heart skip a beat.

Enter J Lucas Reyes.

The way he captures the light reminds me of photos of weddings that are usually featured in Style Me Pretty.  They are just aww-inducing, made-my-heart-skip-a-beat, gorgeous (!!!) wedding/engagement pictures.

After seeing the wedding photos from this set, I knew then that I had found our photographer.  I still had to get Mr. J's approval (I do the research, he gives the final stamp of approval) and luckily (thankfully), he liked them too (told me it was better than the original photographer I had in mind).  We set up a meeting the soonest possible (it was the week before Christmas) and am happy to report that he's just as nice in person as he is in our email exchanges.  I got to see some raw copies of his works and they were just as beautiful as the edited ones.  For the edited shots, he has concocted his own brand of photography called 'Filmtastic'.  I'm not sure how to explain this concept as I'm not very familiar with how cameras work (I'm a point-and-shoot kind of girl) and although I did understand it when he explained it to us, I'm not sure how I'd be able to translate it into words.  Better look at his blog (highly recommended) to see for yourself.  Or shoot him an email for inquiries and rates.  I expect his rates have increased by now but we were able to get a price lock for booking early.  Gotta love being an early bird. =)


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