Sunday, March 27, 2011

March wedding updates

Time flies fast.

Here I was, slacking my way again with blogging and procrastinating as to when to update this space.  Blame it on laziness, being busy at the office, and being busy with wedding stuffs.

So.  Just to give an update on what Mr. J and I have accomplished so far (we've added some things over the past few weeks):

1.  Found a reception venue
2.  Booked church (which reminds me, I have got to call them up soon to clarify issues about unity candles and personal vows and officiating priest and dress code and the additional electricity charges)
3.  Having my dream couturier make my gown (and possibly, Mr. J's suit as well)
4.  Photographer - check!
5.  Had food tasting and is happy to report that we've made reservations already with catering group, K. by Cunanan (our AE, Kar, is very approachable).  And because we officially booked them thru a wedding fair (Getting Married Bridal Fair at SM Megamall last Feb), we get a freebie.  Possibly an additional appetizer?  (Will need to clarify this with Kar soon.)
6.  Made Mr. J attend the W@W Videofest (honoring videographer Jason Magbanua) with me
7.  Inquired with potential wedding (cup)cake supplier (Wedding Expo at SMX just this March).  She was kind enough to actually give us a box of sample bite size desserts.  I liked some, Mr. J though all were so-so, my Mom loved them all!  Would have wanted to book them early but since I have a specific design in mind, we'll still need to discuss it further.
8.  Already scheduled food tasting (dessert-only) with Bizu after booking them for a dessert buffet on our wedding.!!!
9.  Been sending out emails, doing phone calls to various other suppliers.  I kinda want to meet with them now even though we're not booking them anytime soon (we have a sort of timeline to follow) but Mr. J thinks otherwise.

Oooooh!  One more thing, we've got a meeting with Jing Tanada (image of table decorations is one of her works) over the weekend.  She's a florist/event stylist and if all goes well, I might be ticking off another wedding checklist item soon.


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