Sunday, June 26, 2011

Supplier spotlight: Bob Nicolas

I have been watching countless wedding videos even before I got engaged.  For the longest time, the only name I associated with wedding videography was that of Jason Magbanua.  He was the only one that impressed me enough to want me to spend crazy amount of money just for 5 minutes worth of video (that's for the SDE --- for the uninitiated, SDEs or Same Day Edits, are 3-5 minutes worth of video taken during the wedding morning preps until the early parts of the reception.  Kinda like a summary of the events that day that is edited in a romantic and beautiful manner and shown sometime during the reception).

When I joined the W@W e-group, it was then that I added another name, next to Jason's.

Bob Nicolas.

I remember attending the videofest special in honor of Jason and only enjoying one presentation: Bob's.  He was the only one Mr. J liked during that videofest, too.  When we were at the Manila Pen bridal fair, we found out that Mr. Magbanua was no longer available for our wedding date.  Perhaps, it's fate, but Bob Nicolas' booth was adjacent to Jason's.

He wasn't around that time but we set a meeting thru his wife, Lette, who was manning the booth at that time.  A few days later, we were having a very short (probably didn't last 15 minutes) discussion with both Bob and his wife.  We didn't really have a lot of questions; at the most, we asked if he'd feel restricted if we have certain requests for the SDE (he said he wouldn't mind and welcomes inputs from clients), we asked how many they are in the team (5-7, I can't remember exactly), we asked how long he's been in the industry of video-making (I can't remember the exact number but I do remember it's more than 6 years already since 6, in my mind, was the required no. of years of experience to justify the amount we're paying for his services), we asked what camera he uses (told us it's from the Canon brand --- forgot the model but I remember asking a photo-hobbyist friend of mine and he told me it's the HD-capable expensive one).  Most importantly, we wanted to see if we had rapport and if he's the type we'd like to work with: verdict is yes!  He and his wife we're so down-to-earth to the point that when we asked if they preferred crew meal allowance or food served during the wedding, he answered that they'll be OK even with just sandwiches.  Needless to say, we booked and paid the reservation fee a few days later via bank deposit.

Here's a link of ( one of the most romantic and touching SDE videos he's done.


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