Thursday, June 23, 2011

Supplier spotlight: K. by Cunanan

I previously blogged about enjoying the food tasting we had with K. by Cunanan catering company.  And true to what I said, we just waited for a bridal fair (it was last February as well) to make a reservation (TIP: you get a freebie if you book them during bridal fairs).

So why did we choose them as our caterer?

1)  Food was yummy.

Source: Fried Spinach Ravioli (love this!) from Bridal Book

Source: Honey Nut Prawns ( from i.heart.vanilla.bean

Honestly, we were only choosing between K. by Cunanan and Bizu.  The other catering companies I know had mixed reviews about them (food and service) and we were willing to spend more cash if it means that we would get delicious food and great service.  Anyhoo,  I've always enjoyed the food served at Bizu but Mr. J wanted another option.  I told him of the raves I've been hearing about KbyC and he agreed for me to set a food tasting with them.  I found it cute that after the food tasting, he was already telling me to make sure of certain dishes to be included in the menu.  That was my sign that we have indeed found our caterer.

2)  So far, service has been great.  Our AE, Kar, responds to queries well and fast (sometimes just within a day, at times a week or two, which I don't mind at all).

3)  They got style.

Source: Bridal Fair setup from KbyCunanan

I have not seen a wedding that they decorated that I did not like (which is saying something since most of the time I don't really go for the minimalist look).  However, the package we're getting doesn't include flowers since we wanted them to be able to focus on the food preparations.  But, we're still using some decorations from them and Kar has been generous in providing for decor ideas as well.  Besides, this way, it feels like we're getting two stylists (K. by Cunanan and Jing Tanada) instead of just one.  I sure don't mind getting all the help I can get for our dream wedding.

4)  Price is just right.  We're getting a cocktail hour (with proper cocktail food rather than some-variety-of-nuts being served), almost complete dinner menu (appetizer, salad, soup, 4 dishes + lechon minus desserts) and unlimited iced tea (and no, it's not your typical Lipton iced tea flavor) all for a per head cost that's perfect for our budget.  Had we gone with Bizu, we probably would have spent a little more.  Had we gone for the more commercialized catering groups, we probably would have saved money but then again, we probably would be serving nuts only during cocktails.  Now that, I cannot let happen.

5)  I also like that they're quite flexible to requests.  For example, we're getting a ratatouille dip for the bread platter.  Now, if you're familiar with their menu, you'd know that this sauce is not included for the bread selection dips (it's for another dish served during cocktail).  However, because Mr. J and I are fond of tomato-based dips even for bread, Kar, was the one who suggested this.  We initially wanted for the marinara sauce but she suggested for the ratatouille instead to avoid redundancy since we're already serving the marinara for the fried spinach ravioli during the cocktail hour.

I love eating and K. by Cunanan is one of the many reasons why I can't wait for our wedding day.  Marrying Mr. J tops that list. =)


  1. Hi.. how much is their rates for weddings though?

    1. Hi Trina,

      Starts at 880+/head, AFAIK.

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