Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 2011: Checklist update

I was checking the posts I've made over the past year and noticed that the last supplier spotlight I did was for J Lucas Reyes.  I've booked some more suppliers since him so I do have some blog catching up to do.

I promise to do them today then update my blog later on with posts.  Let's see, we've added to our checklist (marked as booked) the ff: a florist, a caterer, a videographer, and a dessert buffet provider.  I expect to add another one (or two) in the list as I've been currently emailing back and forth with suppliers for lights and sounds, wedding cake baker, and on-the-day wedding coordinator.  We're probably going to book one this month or early next month, stay tuned.  I also have a number of choices already for other wedding stuffs like invitation, etc. but we're doing things one area at a time so maybe we'll finish first with the ones we've set meetings already before moving on to the next booking to be made.

Speaking of wedding cake maker, here are two of the cake or cupcake (I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND! LOL) designs I have in mind:

Source: All images are from Cake Journal

PS.  I'm quite excited because the next several months would be busy with wedding preparations and I couldn't be happier with a schedule full of wedding related agendas.  I'm all giddy with excitement!

We're also nearing the (official) one year to go countdown.  Woohoo!


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