Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Supplier spotlight: Jing Tanada

*just a little something about me: Whenever I find something I really like (perhaps a cute dress on display, to-die-for shoes, drool worthy cakes, or even a passing-by adorable little puppy), I make this soft (but loud enough for the next person beside me to notice) deep inhale reaction.  This is actually how Mr. J knows that I just spotted something I like/love*

This was the reception table centerpiece that got me asking: who took my breath away?  The name Jing Tanada didn't really ring a bell and so being the 'Net surfer addict that I am, I Googled her.  Found her works, love her works, decided that we would make her our only choice for florist/stylist.  When we first met, my first impression was that she's very unassuming and very nice.  Quite experienced, too, she told us she's been in the floral business for a long time now (10 years or more, I believe).  It was a short meeting (30 minutes, I think) because the only important matter for us was if, again, she's someone we would like to work with (she is) and if she would fit our budget (she did... eventually. haha.  though still pricey.)

We booked her by paying (via bank deposit) 50% of the agreed package (entourage flowers, church, and wedding reception decors).  I super can't wait on what she'll do for our wedding.

Here are other wedding decorations that she's done that took my breath away (over and over again):

*All images (except last picture) were grabbed from Jing Tanada's facebook profile.

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  1. Hello! I desperately want Jing for our wedding. Her style is the best! I am still waiting on her quote, but do you know if she can fit 80K budget? Even if just reception styling?