Monday, October 4, 2010

Cocktail/Tea-length bridal gowns

I'm feeling disappointed.

When I thought I'd be able to feature so many gorgeous bridal gowns with a shorter hem than usual, I didn't think it would be hard to find ones that were blog worthy.  Fortunately, I finally got around to checking my Etsy conversations page and saw that Lo of Lo Boheme has already replied to my message.  If you check back to my September teaser post, I had shown a tea-length wedding dress that I got from Lo Boheme's site but couldn't find a credit as to who the designer is.  I sent a query to Lo Boheme about it.

That's how I found Joan Shum (of Etsy, too!).  I noticed that a lot of her dresses favor the tea-length skirt and I couldn't be more excited to post some of my faves from her shop.

And while browsing the 'Net, I also came across Kate Halfpenny and her HalfPenny London brand.  Her designs are vintagey gorgeous.  Just what I had in mind.  (*I'm loving that red dress.  If I ever become a MOB, I'll want to wear something like that.*)

Another gorgeous find.  And her name is Jo Tatum.
Source: Amy Jo Tatum

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