Thursday, September 30, 2010

My September wedding roundup

Time sure do flies - fast.

I started this month recuperating from a laparotomy surgery then celebrated my birthday mid-month, and went back to work a week ago.  Whoa!  I though this month would move slower but boy was I wrong.  Not that I'm complaining, though.  I'm truly excited for October because the fiance and I are planning on booking our reception venue already.  We kinda wanted to book the church first but since they are not yet open for a 2012 wedding, we'll have to start with the venue first.  

On my monthly roundup:  As usual, I've collected way too many images for the wedding motifs I presented this month.  Below, you'll find additional stuffs that will make the wedding inspiration boards work.

{Click to enlarge}
Source: feltmeupdesigns (Etsy) Bird cake toppers
Adorable wedding cake toppers for a light blue and silver wedding.

{Click to enlarge}
Source: dollsandmolls (Etsy) Gold necklace with question mark design
Another retro-chic wedding accessory.

{Click to enlarge}
Source: Secret Velvet Cupcake cups in pink and silver
An array of delicious (to look at and to eat) cupcakes in alternating pink and silver cups are bound to delight your guests (and photographer).


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